Saipure have been run by Sachin Dongre since 2007. He was a well known politician of Bhayandar City, Mumbai. He is basically a social worker now. Whatever he earns from Saipure he dedicates most of this time and profits for his team and those in need.

He believes in working for those who actually needs support and those who are talented as well.

He used to be a Sandwich wala before, Now because of his hard work and patience he owns Saipure. Which have been preferred by many body builders since ages.

Saipure offers wide range of genuine protein supplements to all over India with COD as well.

Sachin Dongre who is also known as “Dada” is famous and well known between slums and other rural areas of Bhayandar, Mumbai. His dedication will surely lead him towards success.

Join the community and serve others – Sachin Dongre (Mi Mumbaikar)